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Bev Strickland’s spring at emergency ward in NYC

BEVIN STRICKLAND ’20 DNP, who graduated this August from UNCG’s Nurse Anesthesia Program, worked last spring in the emergency department of Mount Sinai Queens in New York City. The city was the nation’s hot spot for the virus, and she was compelled to help. She cared for the critically ill … Continued

Exploring selenium’s impact in North Carolina, for Covid

DR. SETH ARMAH, assistant professor of nutrition, has received new funding from the NC Policy Collaboratory to research nutrition as it relates to COVID-19 in North Carolina. Armah is the lead PI for the study, and DR. MARYANNE PERRIN, assistant professor of nutrition, is the PI. The impact of nutrition … Continued

Dr. Ernest Grant at White House ceremony

DR. ERNEST GRANT ’93 MSN, ’15 PHD was invited to the White House in May. He presented his views to Dr. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, about the challenges nurses are facing. He also spoke with Vice President Pence. “I asked him to strongly suggest to the governors … Continued

Priorities and proof

\nPriority goals for the 2017-2022 plan for UNCG include enrolling substantially higher number of low-income students, graduating about one-third more low-income students, greatly improving the five-year graduation rate, reducing by 50% the achievement gap among underrepresented minority students, and producing nearly 20% more critical workforce credentials.\n \n\u201cEnsuring our students succeed … Continued

Greensboro’s ‘Green Book’ history

The Magnolia House is entering its second act. And a class of Spartans are determined that its first is well-documented. In the Jim Crow era, hotels in the South were segregated. African American travelers relied on the Green Book Motorist Guide for listings of hotels. Greensboro’s The Magnolia House is … Continued

Spartan Essentials

Food insecurity has become a pressing issue for students on college campuses in the country in recent years. UNCG is doing what it can to help. Last year, the Division of Student Affairs launched the “Spartan Essentials” program. The initiative included donations of meal swipes and canned food. And these … Continued

Simply unprecedented

Simply unprecedented A new strain of coronavirus has jolted the world. It closed all in-person classes and prevented all public events at every UNC System school. For the first time ever, this campus will postpone spring commencement. But learning, research, and our university’s much-needed impact go on. March was a … Continued

Harnessing Nano

They’re a million times smaller than a hair follicle on your head. But they can be used to solve some of our biggest problems. Dr. Sherine Obare has spent her career studying nanomaterials – natural and manmade substances that can be measured in nanometers – and their real-world applications. The … Continued


ROUND AND ROUND All the sights and sounds of the annual UNCG International Festival can be wonderfully dizzying. With more than 30 countries from across the globe represented at the welcoming, inclusive event, it’s a joy to behold. Diversity is a UNCG forté, and this big festival puts that global … Continued

Big picture: A note from the chancellor

We face an important question together at UNCG: How will we transform ourselves and realize our full potential as a great public university? To help answer this, I have used metaphors, like “Giant Steps” and “our inflection point.” So, how are we moving from metaphor to action across UNCG? We … Continued