UNC Greensboro

Fridays at the farm, with Speaking Center

Photo of Cuny and students

If community partnerships are one of the building blocks of UNCG’s real-work impact, then Kim Cuny ’94 MA, ’07 MFA is one of the University’s best construction workers – figuratively speaking. Cuny is a communication studies professor, an adjunct assistant professor (graduate faculty) in the School of Theatre, a part-time … Continued

Lessons from the past, at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum

Lessons from the past, at Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum Spartans connect history to today’s pressing issues Off a busy, rural road in Gibsonville, North Carolina, stands the one state historic site in North Carolina focusing on African American history – and the only one honoring a woman. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, … Continued

Monica Davis’ preservation work in Wilson

Wilson, North Carolina, was once home to a vital tobacco industry and the largest population of working-class African Americans in the state. Many resided in one of 301 “shotgun” houses in the area until the tobacco industry moved overseas in the ’80s, resulting in many of these homes becoming abandoned … Continued

Hagan and Richburg honored

Update: See Oct. 2021 story on the awards ceremony. UNCG’s Distinguished Service Awards represent the most prestigious public service honors conferred by the University. Named for UNCG’s founding president, the Charles Duncan McIver Award is the University’s highest public service honor and recognizes extraordinary service at the national or international … Continued

Green thumbs up

Green Thumbs Up IN THESE DAYS of face coverings and social distancing, many Spartans have turned to gardening as a way to find solace during difficult times and to reconnect with nature. One site of Spartan gardening has been there all along – UNCG Gardens. Celebrating their 10th year, the … Continued

Art as action, with Phillip Marsh

“One love.” It’s a radical lyric. Phillip Marsh grew up as hip-hop music was emerging in popular culture. But the music and Rastafarian philosophy of Bob Marley was his guiding beacon. Phillip’s neighborhood outside Washington, DC, was a tough one. He had some run-ins with the law. “Made some choices,” … Continued

Artist Kidd Graves gives BLM art extra dimension

Every artist has a story. Kidd Graves ’20 arrives for the planning meeting for the large plywood storefront at Elsewhere Museum. What’s the message, the tale to tell? The artists gather round, wearing masks or social distancing. They build on their discussions from the weekend before: it’ll be the narrative … Continued

Paint it loud, with Essence Foster

Near the Lewis St. corner, Essence Foster has completed her work, an image of a woman created with charcoal, spray paint, and a collage of magazine clippings. Through a mask, Essence speaks with the other artists, as dusk approaches. Essence, who already holds a bachelor’s degree, is on the pre-med … Continued

Nejla Harris draws from the Black experience

If you were walking on South Elm Street on June 22, you’d have seen Nejla Harris putting final touches on her art work: the faces of two Black males. “Breathe for those who don’t get a chance to.” – Londrelle “Black love, Brown pride.” – Nipsey Hussle These quotes set … Continued

Policing mental health: Timely research of Dr. Jocelyn Smith Lee

THE VIOLENCE OF GEORGE FLOYD’S final moments, witnessed through social media by millions, was revelatory for many Americans. Dr. Jocelyn R. Smith Lee has been focused on the relationship between law enforcement and Black males for years. Her 2019 research article published in the Journal of Black Psychology, “That’s My … Continued