’22, here’s to you

Posted on April 19, 2022

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Photos of Spring ’22 Graduates for UNCG Magazine

The Class of 2022 is ready for their next chapter.

“We are a force to be reckoned with,” says Nicole Rowe ’22. “That’s something we’ve shown over the course of the pandemic. And I think that’s a trait that is going to be very beneficial in life because you never know what’s going to be thrown at you.”

A half-dozen seniors gathered to take some portraits and give us their thoughts. Most received scholarships while students, we discovered. They are heading now in different directions. Willy Piña ’22 will prepare for med school; he’s a biology major with a chemistry minor. Mariah Taylor-Judd ’22, a CARS major with an entrepreneurship minor, plans to accept an offer from The Gap Inc. in San Francisco. Saheim Jones ’22, another Bryan School student, has accepted a full-time role with the AT&T B2B Sales Development Program. Jeymy Enriquiz ’22, a sociology major with a concentration in criminology and minor in psychology, plans to be a detective in law enforcement. Scarlett Nuñez ’22 will head to Charlotte to be an analyst at JP Morgan. She graduates with two degrees: BS in finance (minor in accounting) and BA in economics. A communications major with two minors, Nicole hopes to be a movie or gaming producer.

Saheim ticks off his experiences here, including his current term as student government vice president. “UNCG has rocked my world in such an amazing way.”

And he looks at the larger picture. His class has lived through the War on Terrorism, the Great Recession, great social movements for marginalized groups, and a worldwide pandemic, he notes. They’ve learned new technologies and so much more. “My generation is different. No matter what the boundaries are, no matter what circumstance, the Class of ’22 has gracefully handled it.”

With nearly 3,000 graduates like these marching in May, the future looks bright indeed.