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Illuminating the UNCG luminaires tradition

One candle. Then another, and another lit on a 1969 December evening. A tradition was kindled. America had never seen a year like 1969. Vietnam War protests grew in every city. The My Lai massacre and other horrors in the news. At Harvard, the administration building was seized by students. … Continued

Light the Way

A campaign poised to Transform UNCG Illustration by Antwain Hairston ’21 • Photography by Martin W. Kane We are ready. UNCG is poised to take its next giant steps. Together, through this powerful campaign, we will fuel earned achievement for our University’s future.  The strategic plan and priorities are set. … Continued

Did you know?

Joshua says he chose UNCG for its great reputation. Fact is, the academic excellence at UNCG is remarkable. You could go on and on, but here are a few examples the average person may not know …

Quick and nimble sets the pace

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC has created unprecedented challenges for the world. But for some, it has presented unique opportunities. Equipped with the right mix of experience, knowledge, and tools, those with a vision and willingness to take risks have embarked on journeys into uncharted waters in the hope of finding better … Continued

Falderal memories

Falderal Memories Who remembers Falderal, or the Fall Charlies? The five-day fall celebration took place on UNCG’s campus beginning in the late 60s and continuing through the 70s, with many concerts, dances, performances, speakers, crafts, fireworks, and even a mime troupe. “A bit of finery, a bit of nonsense,” the … Continued

Envision a higher-tech mask

Kepley Biosystems, led by Dr. Anthony Dellinger ’15 PhD and co-founded by UNCG nanoscience professor Dr. Christopher Kepley, is a North Carolina life sciences startup that looks for sustainable solutions to environmental problems through invention. Their projects run the gamut – from a synthetic and sustainable fishing bait, to odor … Continued

Rise to the Challenge

Call to service frames our future A new Nursing and Instructional Building. A new Campus Master Plan. And on the horizon: an innovative and impactful arts collaborative space at the corner of Tate and Gate, a renovated and expanded Jackson Library, and a vision to spur the technology corridor along … Continued

Heart to heart

Her dad’s taught her a lot. Now she’s teaching him a few things too. By Matthew Bryant • Photography by Martin W. Kane Grit. Stamina. A great sense of humor. And the ability to check your emotions at the door. These are some of the characteristics that reveal themselves when … Continued

Nurses on the front lines

DUTY CALLS. During the current pandemic, nurses across the state and nation are serving long hours with limited supplies and protective wear. Dr. Ernest Grant ’93 MSN, ’15 PhD, president of the American Nurses Association (ANA), has a broad perspective, as he represents the nation’s 4.3 million registered nurses.  An … Continued

Listen Up: Speech & Hearing

A unique project benefits both researchers and older adults. By Elizabeth L. Harrison • Photography by Martin W. Kane It’s a Friday morning, and UNC Greensboro’s Speech and Hearing Center has the warm feel of a group of friends catching up. The conversation flows so easily, despite that two members … Continued