Class Acts

Posted on April 19, 2022

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Remembering the traditions of class day, sister classes, and daisy chains.

Commencement week has always been special on our campus, marked by ceremony and tradition.

And daisies, thousands of daisies.

For many decades, the big event for seniors was the Class Day ceremony, held the day before commencement – usually in Foust Park. Class Day Committees planned the programs to reflect each class’s unique “personality” and showcase their accomplishments. Typically included were the presentation of the Class Gift, naming the Everlasting Class Officers and outstanding seniors, retiring the Class Colors, and singing the Class Song. 

Class identity was the nexus of campus social occasions such as bonfires and teas, musical and theatrical productions, and athletic competitions. The adoption of “Sister Classes” – juniors and freshmen, seniors and sophomores – further instilled bonds among students.

“The relationship between Sister Classes was very close,” Carol Matney ’63 explains. “My class served as mentors and ‘big sisters’ to the Class of ’65 for two years. The special bond we shared created wonderful memories.” 

One constant over the years was the sophomores’ final tribute to their Sister Class: the formal Daisy Chain procession to Foust Park and recession, as they sang the Sister Class Song.