Catch up with softball’s Lindsay and Nicole Thomas

Posted on April 08, 2022

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Twin sisters Lindsay Thomas ’16 and Nicole Thomas ’16, ’18 MS were star softball players at UNCG. Lindsay was catcher, and Nicole was pitcher. They’ve remained in the world of softball since! Both have played professionally across the world, and both have coached. 

Lindsay and Nicole together have played in Austria, New Zealand, and Italy, and Nicole has additionally played in Taiwan Puerto Rico.

While playing in Europe, Nicole joined an EU-funded program that promotes gender equality in sports to help run a softball camp in Croatia. She then, as part of the same program, taught and coached in Malta.

Now they are both back in the US, with Lindsay coaching at Virginia Tech and Western Carolina University, while Nicole coaches many teams in her Irvine, CA community.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the two reunited to create a business that had been their dream – Training Untamed, which develops athletes’ mental skills to improve their resilience and confidence and bridge the performance gap. Their business program has been run with national teams, college programs, and teams worldwide. They estimate 400 athletes have been helped so far.

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