UNCG Nursing scholarship makes critical care possible

Posted on April 03, 2023

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Caring for critically ill COVID-19 patients as an ICU nurse opened Cynthia Jones’s eyes to the health inequalities experienced by our most vulnerable populations. What she witnessed sparked her desire to attend UNCG to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

“CRNAs play a crucial role in enabling facilities in underserved areas to provide pain management and anesthesia,” says Cynthia (seen in visual, below). “An overarching goal of my career is to help make health care more accessible and affordable, while being a leader in my field and doing what I enjoy – practicing critical care.”

A second-year nurse anesthesia student, Cynthia is empathetic toward diverse populations, informed by her upbringing in a bi-racial, low socioeconomic household. Not seeing herself represented in the field when she applied to CRNA school was a psychological barrier.

“Representation breaks down barriers and allows minorities to chase our dreams,” she says. “The generosity of donors allows diversity to grow, and people of different backgrounds have opportunities that previous generations did not.”

Receiving the Blanche Rigsby Shore Scholarship in Nursing has helped relieve financial stress for Cynthia and her husband. He recently completed a doctorate in physical therapy, and the couple chose not to work while pursuing their degrees to devote all their efforts to becoming the best providers they can be.

Established by Patricia Shore Clark ’58, the Shore Scholarship honors her late mother’s memory and recognizes the profession that sustained Mrs. Shore throughout her life. To date, Pat’s endowed fund has supported 15 students in UNCG’s School of Nursing.

By Christine Garton, Advancement Communications

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