Ken Jeong vs Charlie Chaplin

Posted on September 24, 2019

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The two comedians spoke to huge audiences at our university, nearly one century apart

Ken Jeong

WHY AT UNCG? Commencement
BEST MOVIES? “The Hangover,” “Knocked Up”
SEEN RECENTLY ON: A 40 ft. mural in Midtown Greensboro, where he posed for a fun Twitter pic
SPOKE TO: 15,000 at Greensboro Coliseum
REACTION TO CROWD: “Thank you, Spartans! Wooh, wooh, wooh, wooh.”
BEST LINE: “I don’t know if everything happens for a reason, but I do know everything happens.”
KNOWN FOR: White doctor’s coat
HOW AUDIENCE REACTED: Lots of laughter and cheers, especially for his tales of family and growing up in Greensboro
HOW HE ENDED: Asked for his private jet

Charlie Chaplin

WHY AT UNCG? WWI liberty bonds rally
BEST MOVIES? “City Lights,” “The Kid”
SEEN RECENTLY ON: A 40 ft. silver screen
SPOKE TO: 5,000 at site of today’s Petty Building
REACTION TO CROWD: Blew a kiss to the students sitting on the grassy banks
BEST LINE: “They got $100,000 out of me, and I’m some little business man.”
KNOWN FOR: Bowler hat and oversized shoes
HOW AUDIENCE REACTED: “The students who crowded up front at Curry Court to see his feet were disappointed.” He was well-dressed.
HOW HE ENDED: Pulled his hat down over his ear, flapped his hands, and did the funny Chaplin walk

By Mike Harris
Illustration by Lisa Summerell

Chaplin drew big crowd to UNCG
Did Chaplin really do his funny walk at UNCG?
Ken Jeong at Commencement: Find your passion, be persistent

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